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Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Digital Experience with Matchless Care, Support, Cutting-Edge Audio-Visual Design, and Comprehensive IT Solutions

Audio, Visual, and Lighting Integration

Managed IT, Security, and Telephony

Event Production
and Rentals


Our team of professionals will work with you to design the perfect sound, video, and lighting setup that meets your unique needs.


An optimal environment for your system is the key to maintaining your equipment. Our systems will ensure a smooth show, every time.


We’ll handle every aspect of the technical installation to make sure you get all the benefits of the perfect setup with none of the hassle.


Buying brand new equipment isn’t always necessary. Your rundown equipment may just need a bit of care. Our skilled team is prepared to help.

Why Choose Global Technology Group

With over 5 decades of nationwide experience, we are the trusted experts in the production industry. Specializing in nationwide audio, video, and lighting installations, maintenance, and repairs, we have continuously adapted to the industry's evolving needs. Our extensive nationwide experience gives us the foresight to remain ahead of the curve.

As a reliable nationwide partner, Global Technology Group caters to a wide range of industries across the country, delivering exceptional nationwide audio system solutions. We also offer cutting-edge technology services for your IT requirements. Whether you need an audio system for a nationwide house of worship, school, theater, museum, coffee shop, retail store, conference or event center, restaurants, or any other space, let's connect and explore how we can meet your needs. 

"Global has been amazing. Their level of excellence and customer service has been a huge help for our church!"

Nathan Pittman – Calvary Worship Center

“When it comes to church audio systems there are tons of companies that talk a good game, but Global Technology Group made it happen for us and will for you too.”

Thomas Killgore, Senior Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church - Canyon City, CO

"They have really listened to our desires and provided great solutions to accommodate us. Not only that, but Global Technology Group worked within our budget and provided multiple options so that we could get the most bang for our buck."

Robert Rund, Operations Manager, Sky Ranch at Horn Creek

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