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About Us

Welcome to Global Technology Group, Inc. (GTG) – a dynamic and versatile technology enterprise dedicated to delivering cutting-edge audio, video, lighting integration, live event productions, information technology (IT), security, and telecommunications solutions. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to create seamless and immersive experiences across various industries. With expertise spanning diverse technological domains, we take pride in being your trusted partner for all your tech needs.

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Meet The Owners


Audio, Video and Lighting Integration/Live Production 

Since 1963, this division has specialized in live production, installation, maintenance, and repair of audio, video, and lighting.  With the creation of GTG, we have been able to unify all of our resources, knowledge and vendors to provide leading edge solutions for various customers across the United States.   

This level of expertise has captured the attention of many churches and schools. This division has multiple teams with vast experience to facilitate critical technical roles within these organizations. This teams are able to provide services and support for various audio and video systems that are running or create new innovative systems according to their needs.


In addition to our church clientele, we provide a multiple of integration and live production services to a wide range of small business to large enterprise opportunities. 

Our team also has a vast array of experience repairing or upgrading existing systems.  Our skilled teams will evaluate the existing system, advise the specific type and kind of repair/upgrade required with a feasible plan of action.

Connecting Dots

IT, Telephony, Security and Remote Door Access

This division provides unified IT and security solutions with physical and virtual information technology services.  GTG is able to consult and provide multiple levels of connectivity with various carriers including fiber from a multiple of selection of qualified vendors. GTG also has a vast network and experience with MSP, cloud solutions and hosting companies.

GTG is the premiere provider and architect of multiple equipment packages for phone systems, security cameras solutions and remote door access equipment.  These areas of communication and security are vastly changing.  GTG is certified and involved in multiple levels of continual training to provide the best expertise in each category.

GTG’s dedication ensures that our clients always come first. We as a solution-based technology company, provide the exact systems desired and needed.  GTG portrays flexibility and allows for comfortable budgeting for each and every organization.  A comprehensive training program is offered for the equipment purchased to ensure a user-friendly system and solution for many years of service.

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